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If you’re thinking about separating, or have recently separated, answer a few easy questions to get clear on your next steps.


What we do

We make it easy for couples to work together in the process to make their separation official, so they can have closure and move on with their lives. Our AMICABLE method breaks down the steps involved from start to finish, helping couples get clear on what's important, reach an agreement together and formalise it quickly and easily, where lawyer involvement is optional.

How it works

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  • Complete The Quiz to identify the stage that you’re at and your immediate next best step(s).
  • Follow the helpful suggested next steps to move forward.

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  • Having reached a separation agreement together, make your agreement official.
  • Book in with one of our team members for Lift Off!

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  • Implement and follow your agreement.
  • Look forward to moving on having separated together.

The Quiz

Whether you’re thinking about separating, you have separated or you’ve reached a separation agreement, get clear on your next steps by taking The Quiz.

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Do we have to get legal advice?

For financial consent orders, you’re not required to get legal advice. We do strongly encourage and recommend you to do so though before you make the agreement official.

What happens once the court approves our financial separation agreement?

You’ll each receive a stamped copy of the orders in the mail. You then need to take steps to implement your agreement.

Do we have to personally go to court to have our financial separation agreement approved?

No. You and your partner aren’t required or expected to attend court to have your financial separation agreement approved. The court will determine whether your agreement satisfies the fairness requirement on the information in the paperwork that you submit.

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