Agreed to separate and still talking? We’ll legally formalise your agreement.

Family lawyers with the skill, experience & expertise to help you finalise your separation

Engage us jointly to prepare your agreement documents and save time, stress and money without having to engage a second lawyer

Drafted your own agreement documents? We can review them to make sure they achieve the outcome intended

Simple. Fast. Affordable

What we do

Quality family law legal advice and services is what we provide, specialising in formalising the agreements that you’ve reached with your partner after separation or providing you with the advice and information to help you reach an agreement.

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How it works


Fixed Price Quote

Provide to us a snapshot of the elements of your agreement and we’ll give you a Fixed Price Quote.


Make it Official

Happy with the Fixed Price? Using our fast, easy and secure online portal, make payment of the Fixed Price into our trust account and return the signed Letter of Engagement to make it official.


Provide Details

Provide some more information and details about the agreement that you've reached with your partner.


Receive your draft agreement

We will send to you the draft agreement documents, with instructions on how to finalise and make binding.

We offer a 30 minute complimentary consultation with one of our experienced Family Lawyers (via Skype or over phone) to discuss the draft agreement documents, plus one round of complimentary minor to moderate amendments to the draft documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

Once you’ve made the Fixed Price payment and sent to us completed the information forms, you can expect to receive your draft agreement documents, together with instructions on how to finalise, within seven days.

If time is of the essence, you also have the option of paying $99 for a 48 hour turnaround of the draft agreement documents and instructions.

Why would my partner and I engage you jointly?

We’ve compiled some of the feedback that we’ve received from the perspectives of those separating couples who engaged us jointly so that you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, as to why you and your partner may want to engage us jointly.

  • Because of the transparency in the process. Couples knew that we were acting for them and their partner jointly and we would not be taking sides.
  • Because of our attitude as Dedicated Settlement Lawyers. Couples felt that we wouldn’t be pinning them against one another to “go for more” or encourage them to go to Court.
  • Because of our specialised services. We were engaged purely for one purpose—to help couples formalise their agreement in a legal way.
  • Because they didn’t have to engage a second lawyer. This meant less stress, time and money on lawyers’ fees.
  • Because it was simpler. The involvement of one less lawyer meant there was less complication in getting things done, less cost and less time.

In engaging us jointly, you and your partner are still entitled to seek independent legal advice about the agreement and the draft agreement documents. We encourage all couples to obtain such advice.

Can you act for me alone?

Yes. You can engage us one on one, in which case we will provide you with independent legal advice about an appropriate agreement outcome according to what the law says, as well as process options to facilitate an agreement that excludes Court, and an action plan to progress separation discussions.

We also provide independent legal advice about the drafting of the agreement documents.