Agreed to separate and still talking? We’ll legally formalise your agreement.

For a fixed price, we'll document your agreement in a way recognised by the law. And it's all online.

We'll help you go your separate ways, together.

Simple. Fast. Affordable

What we do

We help separating individuals and couples legally formalise the agreement(s) that they have reached in a simple, fast and affordable way, without resorting to expensive lawyer fees.

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How it works



Give us a quick (and anonymous) snapshot of the elements of the agreement and we’ll give you an estimate of costs.


Fixed Price Quote

Once you're happy for us to go ahead and prepare the documents formalising your agreement(s), sign up and provide a few extra details so that we can send you a fixed price quote and a Letter of Engagement to make it official.


Provide Details

Use our fast, easy and secure online portal to provide payment and send us a bit more information about what’s involved in your agreement(s).


Receive your draft agreement

We will send to you the draft agreement documents, with instructions on how to finalise and make binding. Have a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced Family Law experts, either via Skype or over the phone to discuss the draft agreement documents. We offer one round of free amendments to the documents.

We also offer Skype or phone consultations with our expert Family Lawyers, during business and after hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the process cost?

The cost of formalising your agreement will vary depending on the complexity of your agreement and basically, the number of matters that you would like for us to formalise. We can provide you with an estimate of what a fixed price will be.


Why are you so affordable compared to other lawyers? What’s the catch?

As we’re a predominantly online law firm, our overheads are not as high as a face to face lawyer. We don’t need to lease commercial spaces and pay a fortune in overheads for that space. We therefore pass the savings onto you–that’s what makes us affordable.


Do both my partner and I need to engage you or can one of us?

You and your partner can both engage us to prepare the documents to formalise your agreement. Some couples like this option because of the transparency in communications between the lawyer and their partner and they are involved in the documenting of the agreement. We cannot however, provide either of you with independent legal advice.

(If you and your partner require or want to have independent legal advice about the documents and/or the agreement, then you will need to see a lawyer independent to us as we cannot provide you both with legal advice that is independent).

Alternatively, one of you can engage us to prepare the documents, in which case you become our client and we can provide you with independent legal advice about the agreement and documents, acting on your instructions only.