I’ve always had a head down, bum up work ethic and approach to life, which started probably before my first job at Baker’s Delight when I was 14.

My approach today in how I work, specifically in the family law agreement space, is to #GSD—get stuff done.

My firm helps you get the outcome that you want, which is to make your separation agreement official, quickly, easily with minimal fuss, stress and expense.

The process of making your agreement official is fairly clinical and practical but doing this is so personal to me. I’m not a particularly touchy-feely lawyer but I really care about my clients, I want the best for them and I try to go that extra step, and more so where it is acknowledged and appreciated.

I am fortunate to do what I love, and be good at it.

At the end of the day, I’ve based my firm’s values on leading my clients through the legal separation process, making a difference in my clients’ lives by helping to facilitate and maintain an ‘amicable separation’, and build relationships with them so that there is trust and rapport.

If I were a client, I’d want to work with someone passionate, who cares about what they do and who aren’t simply about making sure the bill gets paid and there are no complaints.

If this resonates with you, then you might just be the right sort of client to work with us.

If you’re thinking about separation, download our Kick-Starter Separation Pack for free from the resources on our ‘Thinking of Separation‘ page.

If you’ve separated and want to make your agreement(s) official, check out our Online Store or Quick Quote page.

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