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What do I do next after I’ve separated?  


So the deep soul searching, the romantic weekends away, the date nights and counselling haven’t worked. It’s all been a flop.

There is nothing left in the relationship tank; its got holes that just can’t be mended and no matter how hard you’ve tried, everything continues to leak.

You’ve made the decision to get a divorce or separate.

What do you do next?

Where do you start?

Is there anything that you should or shouldn’t do? 

Your end goal is to get an outcome with regards to the split of your finances, care arrangements for your kids, child support, maintenance and/or divorce.

Presumably you’ll be wanting to avoid Court, so to get that outcome, you’ll need to reach an agreement with your partner.

How do you get to that agreement? You’ve a few different options:

  • Try and reach an agreement between yourselves
  • Go to mediation with an organisation, like Relationships Australia
  • For parenting matters, speak with a child psychologist who can help you work out the care arrangements that will be in your child’s best interests
  • Speak with us for a one on one advice appointment about what the law says is an appropriate outcome for you and your family.
  • Talk to your accountant or financial planner with your partner. Interestingly, separating couples are turning to these trusted ‘numbers’ professionals to help them work out a financial split.
  • Sign up to collaboration, which is a process option that uses lawyers but their engaged only to help you reach an agreement together. Find out more from here.

You may need to do a bit of information gathering before you’re prepared for your agreement discussion partner but your next real stage after you separate, is to reach an agreement with your partner.

The last stage once you’ve reached an agreement with your partner is to then endorse your agreement, make it official. We can help with that side of things, quickly and easily. It’s what we specialise in. Check out our Online Store for the different agreement paperwork that you can prepare yourself, or get a Quick Quote on fees if you want us to prepare the paperwork for you.

Yes, the legal separation process really is that simple if you and your partner can reach an agreement together.


Reach an agreement.

Make your agreement official.

Questions? Give us a call today or send us an email.