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What date do I use for the Form 6?


If you’re reading this, you either want to get an idea of what your or your partner’s superannuation is worth and/or you wish to split superannuation.

What’s a Form 6? Basically, it’s a formal request to a superfund’s trustee to provide you with information about your or your partner’s superannuation interest with that fund.

A Form 6 request can be issued to any super fund. It can be prepared and submitted by the member or non-member to the superfund. The superfund’s trustee is not allowed to tell the superfund member that the Form 6 request has been issued.

You can nominate more than one date when you want the information about the member’s super interest.

For example, it could be:

  • When you and your partner started living together
  • The date that you separated, or
  • The current date

The strict legal approach is to adopt the superannuation’s current date (versus the separation date). Why? Because the law recognises that people can contribute financially and non-financially, directly or indirectly, to superannuation after a couple separate. It can sometimes be appropriate, therefore, to recognise those after separation contributions.

If you were to see a lawyer, the lawyer may tell or suggest that you request the Form 6 information at a date other than the current date. This is because it could be to your strategic advantage depending on whether you are the member or non-member.

For example, suppose you were the superfund member. In that case, you may want the Form 6 information to be at the date of separation because you’ve contributed to super more since that time, in which case it’d be lower.

Remember, for defined benefit interests like the PSS, CSS, and MilitarySuper, the Form 6 information isn’t the actual family law valuation. You’ve got to take one extra step and get it valued. Visit

Key takeaways:

  • A Form 6 is a formal request for information about a member’s super interest
  • In the Form 6, you can choose one or more dates to ask for the information at. For example, when you and your partner:
    • Started living together
    • Married
    • Separated
    • Are negotiating your financial split (so the current date)
  • The strict legal date to use for the Form 6 is the current date. A lawyer might tell you to nominate a different date, though.
  • The superfund Trustee can’t tell the member that a Form 6 has been submitted.