We’ve Separated

So, you’ve separated. You might be wondering, what’s next? You and your partner will need to reach an agreement together about the division of your property and superannuation (formally known as your ‘property settlement’)—even if it is that you each keep your own “stuff”.

If you’ve a child together, you may want to consider reaching a parenting agreement too. It can be beneficial to get your agreement formalised so assuming that you reach an agreement together and want it formalised, the suggested next step is to make that agreement official.

For separated couples who’ve reached an agreement between themselves, we formalise their family law agreements in a legal, cost effective and time efficient way.

We’ve designed service options that minimise lawyer involvement and facilitate you and your partner being able to have the agreement paperwork prepared together. Read on to find out more.

What's Next

Want to do it yourself?

We offer a range of online services which let you prepare your own draft legal paperwork quickly and easily.

Simply answer a few questions and it will be personally tailored for your circumstances.

After paying, you’ll receive the paperwork immediately — then all you need to do is follow our suggested instructions to make it all official.


Let us do it all for you.

If you’d rather leave it to our experts — or if life is simply too busy — you can get a quick quote online by simply answering a few questions about your circumstances.

Then we’ll prepare the paperwork and it will be ready within 1-2 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to get legal advice?

For financial consent orders, you’re not required to get legal advice. We do strongly encourage and recommend you to do so though before you make the agreement official.

What happens once the court approves our financial separation agreement?

You’ll each receive a stamped copy of the orders in the mail. You then need to take steps to implement your agreement.

Do we have to personally go to court to have our financial separation agreement approved?

No. You and your partner aren’t required or expected to attend court to have your financial separation agreement approved. The court will determine whether your agreement satisfies the fairness requirement on the information in the paperwork that you submit.

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