Feeling hesitant about engaging an “online lawyer”? Are you wondering where we are based and what we do at Separate Together? That’s understandable, particularly in today’s society where spam, scams and hacking are rife.

We are based in Canberra, Australia, and operate online, providing quality family law legal advice and services to separating Australians in capital and regional areas across the country. We offer affordable fixed prices for our services, with a secure online payment system. We take our IT security seriously.

Without getting into the nitty gritty details, you should be aware that email is not the securest form of communication. A client recently likened it to a postcard that you send through the mail—everyone can read it.

Whilst there are email programs that encrypt the messages that you send, many don’t. This means that there are really four ways that your email security can be compromised—on your devices, on the networks, the server and the email recipient’s device(s). Someone can therefore access the private information that you send.

At Separate Together, we provide a secure online portal to communicate with you about your separation and finances, and to send to you your confidential documents.

Law firms that take their IT security seriously will take such protective measures to ensure that your confidential information remains protected.

You can be assured that Separate Together is one of those firms.

Contact us today for advice about how to progress your separation with your partner, and to learn how we can assist.

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