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To celebrate or not to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


It’s that time of year again the chocolate hearts and roses have hit the shelves and you’re either planning an extravagant day to remember or planning on forgetting the day even exists… 

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on Sunday the 14th of February and we think it’s a good opportunity for us to reflect on our relationships and celebrate what we have.  

Valentine’s Day is actually a really old tradition and marks the day Saint Valentine of Rome was killed in 270AD for defying the Emperor and conducting illegal marriage ceremonies for soldiers, as unmarried men were believed to make better soldiers 

We are the first to admit we’re not experts when it comes to relationships, we’ve been through the ups and downs too, but what we do know, from working in this space, is that all relationships require effort. Like all good things in life, if you want it to last and create and maintain a life long, committed connection you have to commit to putting in effort. We are passionate about supporting and helping people build and maintain their relationships. Its one of the key reasons we do the work that we do. Relationships with our partners, family and friends are so important because they shape us and human beings are social creatures.   

So, remembering that Valentine’s Day isn’t about celebrating a relationship with a partner or spouse. This day is in fact about celebrating ALL loving relationships that you have in your life. What are you going to do?