Thinking of separating

Trying to decide whether separating is the right decision?

Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce is the trusted resource for plain English information and practical tips about making the decision and the journey ahead if the decision to separate is made.

An Amazon bestseller across five categories this book is a must read for anyone considering or embarking on divorce or separation.

You can download Chapter 1, Making the decision to separate, for FREE.

Splitting Up Together is now available to purchase on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

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Why read it

  • It’s a quick and easy read
  • Plain English, practical and relevant information to help you in making a decision to remain together or separate
  • Get clear on the process to make your separation official so that when or if the decision is made, you know what to do
  • Feel reassured that if you do separate, there is a process available that can help you avoid court and expensive lawyers!

What you'll learn

From Chapter 1 alone, you will learn about:

  • What to consider when making the decision to separate or not
  • Your options in staying together or separating
  • The definition of ‘legally separated’
  • Who to tell if you separate and who you can speak to to get advice
  • The different types of separation agreements (financial parenting, child support, divorce)
  • The AMICABLE Method, which demonstrates the nature of the step-by-step divorce process and how simple it can be. AMICABLE is an acronym that stands for acceptance, momentum, interests, consideration, advice, brainstorm, LEADR-to-yes and endorse.
  • Options to reach a separation agreement that don’t involve court
  • How to make your separation agreement official (legal)

And more!

About the author

The book is written by the founder of Separate Together, Siobhan Mullins. Siobhan is a collaboratively trained, award winning family lawyer.


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