Making it easy for you to reach a financial separation agreement together

Developed by Australia’s leading online, multi-award winning family law firm, The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit shares the steps to follow to reach a financial agreement with your partner. 


Teamwork approach

Practical exercises to help you and your partner work together and stay on track to reach an agreement

Simple & easy

Plain English, step by step instructions. Visually stimulating—no need for spreadsheets or financial literacy!

Better outcomes

Guidance and information to help you brainstorm options and creative solutions that satisfy your whole family’s needs, while saving money and time

THE Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit

The Kit includes all of the practical information, materials and tools you need to reach a financial separation agreement with your partner. 

Work together with your partner from the comfort and convenience of your own home, without involving expensive lawyers. 

> Understand what there is to split between you in assets, debts and super (‘the pie’)
> Learn how to get the information you need
> Discover the general legal principles guiding appropriate financial outcomes
> Follow a structured framework for constructive communication with your partner
> Handy checklists and questions for professional help

In as little as four weeks, you’ll gather the need-to-know information and learn how to gain clarity on what’s important, while discovering creative outcome options to achieve happier, better outcomes that feel fair to you both as much as possible.

What's included?

The How-to Handbook

This easy-read, best seller breaks down the separation process from start to finish. Understand what underpins appropriate separation outcomes and learn the AMICABLE method

The Workbook

Practical exercises and information that will help you get clear on your needs, goals and the way forward

Materials & Worksheets

These tools will help you remain focused, constructively and effectively communicate

Around 95% of the couples who we work with, reach a financial separation agreement together that is legally "fair".

They do this with little or no lawyer involvement.

But, this is not without its problems. 

Knowing what to do and how to reach an agreement after separating can be emotionally difficult, stressful and time consuming. From our research, where lawyers aren’t involved, it will take a couple on average around six months after separating to finally reach a financial agreement. 

To solve this problem, we’ve create The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit.

We provide you with the information, tools and guidance you need to work together with your partner and agree on a financial split in as little as 4 weeks. You will go from feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused, to clear, confident and in control of the steps to take with your partner to reach a financial separation agreement together in as little as four weeks.

If you want…

  • a strategy to go from A to B
  • to achieve outcomes that you and your partner are both content with through creative and flexible thinking
  • guidance and direction each step of the way
  • accountability with autonomy and control
  • to understand the ‘why’ behind the steps and exercises
  • to work with your partner and not against

then The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit is for you.



Never before has the formal process to separate been so easily stepped out.

Our AMICABLE Method breaks down into stages what needs to happen in order to separate, reach an agreement and make it all official. 

With the AMICABLE method, the tools and resources we provide you with, you’ll give yourselves the best chance of separating amicably


Separate Together is  one of Australia’s most “innovative firms reimagining the business of law”, known for its approach to helping everyday Australian families cope with the formal aspect of ending their relationship. 

We specialise in making it easy for couples to work together to separate and reach agreements so they can achieve the best outcomes for their family; moving on with certainty and closure.

Collaboratively trained, best selling author and founder of Separate Together, Siobhan Mullins believes “that separating together is a graceful way to end what was a beautiful beginning” to the relationship.  

Siobhan Mullins 

Founder | Author | Divorce Consultant (Lawyer)

Got questions?

  • A4 Workbook – two copies
  • Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce – two copies
  • A3 Worksheets
  • Free postage (one address within Australia)

And more!

You’ll complete individual and joint exercises, some of which take 10 minutes or up to 50 minutes at a time.

The Kit is designed to be completed over a 4 week period, but you can complete the exercises at your own pace.

Whether the Kit works for you 100% in getting you your agreement, will depend on your and your partner’s commitment to following the instructions and completing the Kit’s exercises. 

You will nonetheless walk away with clarity on your needs, the process, what is agreed and needs to be resolved, and finally your next steps. 

The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit covers its costs to produce and postage. The cost is 330 including GST.

While the Kit is designed to be completed with your partner, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make a go of completing the exercises by yourself.

You don’t need to be amicable with your partner in order to benefit from The Kit. If you’re on talking terms and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for yourselves and family, then you’ll benefit from The Kit.

It isn’t generally appropriate to try and negotiate with your partner one on one where you’ve had concerns for your physical, psychological and emotional safety and well-being and or there have been abusive, harassing, controlling or intimidatory behaviours.

While the Kit provides you with the tools, principles and framework needed, the Kit itself mightn’t be suitable for you, particularly if you don’t engage an independent mediator to help you. If you’ve questions about this, please do call.