Get the right divorce plan now. Discreet and hassle free.

Get the right divorce plan now. Discreet and hassle free.

Thinking of separating?
Use The AMICABLE Method.

Thinking of separating?
Use The 


Let us help you gain Clarity, Direction and Confidence in your separation.

Simply answer these 7 questions to determine your next steps in separating and to gain your personalised SEPARATION ROADMAP.

Easy questions

7 easy to answer questions about your circumstances

Quick and instantaneous

Takes less than 5 minutes. Receive your personalised next steps roadmap immediately

No strings

Completely free–you’re not signing up to anything

Getting the right information at the right time is crucial to how a couple will move forward in separating.

To help you get the right information, we created The AMICABLE Separate Quiz.

  •  Practical and realistic next steps to take
  •  A common-sense, human-centred approach
  • Understand the impact that high conflict separations & divorces have 
  •  Learn why people have high conflict separations & divorces
  •  Clarity on the solution to separating together, rather than apart

If you’re thinking of separating – we can help. Take the Quiz to get your personalised Separation Roadmap.


The process to separate and make it official broken down from start to finish.

Our AMICABLE Method provides the framework for you to follow, with our tools and resources giving yourselves the best chance of separating “amicably”.

Learn more in the best selling book, ‘Splitting Up Together: The How-to an AMICABLE Divorce’.

How it works

1. Answer questions about your circumstances, which will identify the immediate roadblocks you’re currently facing

2. Using conditional logic, a personalised roadmap will be prepared identifying your next steps to overcome the hurdles

3. Receive your personalised roadmap immediately

>> Then simply follow the suggested steps in your Personalised Roadmap

Pictured: Siobhan Mullins
Founder of Separate Together


Separate Together is  one of Australia’s most “innovative firms reimagining the business of law”.

Best known for our approach to helping everyday, Australian families cope with the formalities of finalising their relationship, we make the complexity and anxiety of separating simple and easy so couples can achieve the very best outcomes for their family, moving on with certainty and closure. 

Collaboratively trained, best selling author and founder of Separate Together, Siobhan Mullins believes “that separating together is a graceful way to end what was a beautiful beginning” to the relationship.