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The Number 1 Reason Why You or Your Partner Are Considering Separation


This is a must read.

In hindsight, it seems obvious, but we were all taken back with the top reason people identified that they were separating from their partner or thinking about it.


And the reason is this:

There is little or no intimacy, affection or love.


There’s a misconception that if a couple is separating, there must have been infidelity, or someone did something utterly unforgivable, and that’s the reason for the separation. But that’s not the case.


In what is emotionally complicated and challenging, the reason people identify with the most, as the reason for their separation, is so simple and vanilla. And the reason is this: they don’t feel loved and desired.


I don’t feel loved by my partner. They’ve checked out emotionally, and it feels like they’ve stopped caring aboutme.


I don’t feel that my partner finds me attractive, wants me, craves or desires me. 


I don’t feel that my partner cares about my feelings deeply. If they did, then they would or wouldn’t do… 


One would think that if an individual articulated their need to feel loved and desired with intimacy and affection, which was then adequately understood and acted on by their partner, then repairing the relationship would be an easy fix. But sometimes, after so much hurt and resentment, there isn’t enough left in each person to restore what has been absent with love and desire.


The Gottman Institute is a resource that you may find invaluable to your decision, whatever it may be.  To find out more about the Gottman Institute, CLICK HERE.