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The Big ‘C’


With what 2020 has thrown at us; our country, our local community, and our families, amidst the crisis’s, we’ve learnt the importance of the need:

… for certainty and stability so that we can gather our bearings, batten down the hatches, create a structure for ourselves, our work, and importantly, our kids—homeschooling and all.

… for guidelines and a framework so that we can have a vision for the future, and work towards the intended outcome with direction. 

… to prioritise our physical and mental health so that we can cope and be at our best in an uncertain and volatile time for not only ourselves but our friends, kids, and family.

… for a support system of friends, family, and professional help so that we can satisfy and exchange our inherent social needs for love and belonging.  

… for resilience so that we can withstand challenges and pull through difficult times.

… to think beyond ourselves so that we can achieve outcomes that benefit the most number of people possible.

… for innovation so that we can do things differently to create and add value to our lives.


Moving forward with separation can be debilitating. It can most certainly be a time of crisis for an individual, the couple, and the whole family. But it needn’t be.

The importance of those ‘things’ listed above remains true for when you and your partner separate. Please, please bear this in mind as you go through the motions and take steps to progress your separation.

We’ve created the AMICABLE Method, which provides you with the very much needed framework to help you achieve an outcome that’ll help your whole family unit, not just one person.

Our AMICABLE Method is detailed in Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce. Not a reader but want to find out more?

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