Is separating the right decision for you?

The most powerful & best thing that you can do for yourself and your family, is be clear on your decision.

Learn and self-discover whether separating is the right for you, before committing to anything. 

To have peace of mind that separating is the right decision for you, you need to:



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…Divorce is not the end of a family; it's a reorganisation

Esther Perel


When you buy The Basics 101, you’ll receive Chapter 1 titled, ‘Making the decision to separate’, for FREE from the best seller, Splitting Up Together: The How to for an AMICABLE Divorce


The Basics 101 is presented by multi-award winning, collaboratively trained family lawyer and best selling author, Siobhan Mullins. 

Siobhan is also the founder of Australia’s leading online award winning firm, Separate Together.

Separate Together specialises in making it easy for couples to work together to separate in order to achieve the best outcomes for their family so they can move on with certainty and closure. 


Never before has the process to separate been so simply and easily broken down. 

Our AMICABLE Method breaks down into stages what needs to happen in order to separate, reach an agreement and make it all official so that you can achieve the best outcomes for your family, moving on with certainty and closure.


Separate Together is  one of Australia’s most “innovative firms reimagining the business of law”, known for its approach to helping everyday Australian families cope with the formal aspect of ending their relationship. 

We specialise in making it easy for couples to work together to separate and reach agreements so they can achieve the best outcomes for their family; moving on with certainty and closure.

Collaboratively trained, best selling author and founder of Separate Together, Siobhan Mullins believes “that separating together is a graceful way to end what was a beautiful beginning” to the relationship.  

Siobhan Mullins 

Founder | Author | Divorce Consultant (Lawyer)

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