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The AMICABLE Divorce Method


You and your partner can separate and, for lack of a better word, have an amicable divorce.

What constitutes an amicable divorce or separation? Well I suppose an amicable divorce or separation is one which is relatively civil and respectful, in spite of any potential tension and discomfort.

I’ve developed the AMICABLE Divorce method, which is a process methodology stepping out the typical steps that you’ll go through as part of your separation journey.

AMICABLE is an acronym that stands for:


A stands for Acceptance; accepting that the relationship is over.


M stands for Momentum: The practical things you need to do in order to reach an agreement with your partner.


I stands for Interests: Identify interests; the needs, goals and priorities that will help you and your partner reach a final agreement.


C stands for Consideration: Consider your backup plan if you and your partner don’t reach a final agreement.


A stands for Advice: Counsel from a professional to give you a reality check about your expectations.


B stands for Brainstorming: Brainstorm potential agreement outcomes with your partner that, with some improvement, could lead to a final agreement outcome that satisfies your and your partner’s interests.


L stands for LEADR to yes: A structured framework for your agreement discussion (that I’ve come up with) that stands for listen, express, acknowledge, discuss, repeat.


E stands for Endorse: Make your agreement official.

You can read more about the AMICABLE Method in my book, Splitting Up Together: the How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce. This Method has worked for many of the couples that I’ve worked with.

Buy my book to learn more about the Method and how you and your partner can reach a separation agreement together, minimise fees and reduce lawyer involvement.