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Then what?

Carefully read your document, together with the important information that we’ve provided to you. Consider getting legal advice (optional).

Want peace of mind that your paperwork is all in order?

Check out our Hand Holding service, where an experienced family lawyer can review your draft paperwork, add in any extra quirks to your agreement and give you peace of mind that all the Is and Ts are correctly dotted and crossed so that everything is in order to make your agreement official.

What do you get?
  • Review of your draft document(s) by an experienced family lawyer
  • Bespoke amendments to your draft documents (as applicable)
  • General and important information
  • Complimentary services
What are the benefits?
  • Fast turnaround
  • Use the same lawyer as your partner
  • Affordable, one off fixed price
  • Extra support when or if you need it
  • Feel confident

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