In our previous post, we talked about the preparation of tax returns being similar to the traditional process of legally formalising your separation agreement. We say ‘traditional’ because there is a different way of formalising your separation agreement—not the outcome, but the actual process of getting there.

What if you only engaged a family lawyer for the purpose of preparing your legal separation agreement documents?

What if, instead of you and your partner engaging separate lawyers, you were able to engage the same lawyer together to prepare the legal paperwork?

What if, instead of having to find, scan and email all of your financial documents for the last three years and send them to your lawyer, the lawyer said that they’d accept your instructions without requiring the supporting documentation? You could then just exchange the financial documents with your partner. 

What about an experience where instead of the process being an emotionally and financially taxing one (pun intended), you could do away with all of that?


Well, believe that there is such a way to achieve this. That is the Separate Together way.

We’re not your traditional family law firm.simplefastaffordable

For starters, we’re a family law firm focused on the agreement space only. We’ve been coined the ‘amicable family lawyer’. That means that we work only with separating couples and individuals who have reached an agreement together, are capable of reaching an agreement or want to reach an agreement with their partner.

We can act for a separating couple jointly in appropriate circumstances where we’re engaged only for the purpose of preparing the agreement paperwork.

We offer a different service menu to most traditional law firms, allowing you to minimise the cost if you want by you doing more of the work yourself. You can choose from our DIY option, the Hold Your Hand option or the traditional model, being the ‘We’ll Do It For You’ option. Check out our How it works page.

We’re about simplifying separation. We give you step by step easy to understand instructions on how to formalise your separation agreements.

We operate online and offer affordable fixed pricing.

Do you see how different now the separation process can be from doing your tax returns by doing it the Separate Together way?

Get in contact with us today to get started or ask any questions that you might have. 



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