The AMICABLE Divorce Method

You and your partner can separate and, for lack of a better word, have an amicable divorce. What constitutes an amicable divorce or separation? Well I suppose an amicable divorce or separation is one which is relatively civil and respectful, in spite of any potential tension and discomfort. I’ve developed the AMICABLE Divorce method, which […]

What do I do next after I’ve separated?  

So the deep soul searching, the romantic weekends away, the date nights and counselling haven’t worked. It’s all been a flop. There is nothing left in the relationship tank; its got holes that just can’t be mended and no matter how hard you’ve tried, everything continues to leak. You’ve made the decision to get a divorce […]

Top 7 mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce

Mistake #1 is rushing the separation or divorce. There needs to be a degree of acceptance by both you and your partner that the relationship is ending before embark on the legal separation process. Acceptance tends to be the last stage of the grief cycle, putting you in the right headspace to be more objective. […]

What does it mean to ‘legally separate’?

The legal definition of ‘separation’ is essentially where a couple in a romantic relationship (being two people, whether the same or different sex) has been ‘brought to an end by the action or conduct of a person to the relationship’. Basically, one of you has put an end to you being a romantically involved couple. […]

Do I need to tell anyone that we’ve separated? 

We think there is a lack of know-how when it comes to the practical information you need once you or your partner make the decision to separate on a final basis, such as, do you need to tell anyone? And if so, who do you tell? Firstly, you’re not required to sign or lodge any […]

Deception, Lies & an Amicable Divorce

Deception and lies: numero uno big mistake to having a simple separation or amicable divorce. Let me explain why. One the ‘benefits’ I guess you could call it, in being a family lawyer, is seeing the mistakes that people make when separating that cause the relationship to take a deep turn south. These mistakes can […]

7 Common Mistakes Made When Deciding Whether to Divorce

Have you ever wanted to know the common mistakes that people make when making a decision about whether to separate? Well, here they are! Mistake #1 Mistake #1 is rushing the separation or divorce. You need to realise that the process of ending of a relationship is like grieving a death. There are five (although […]

Your Message & The Other Person

I had someone recently send me an email as a means of communicating to me things that one could ordinarily say in person. It wasn’t the nicest email and frankly, it left a bad taste in my mouth about the person and my relationship with them. They said that in preparing it, they did think […]

What Not to Do When Separating

Don’t act deceptively or at least think very carefully before doing so. This includes transferring money without telling your partner, going through your partner’s belongings without their agreement, telling your partner that you’re separated after you’ve already moved out. Having worked with hundreds of separated clients, the deception of the other person around the time of separation […]

What to Do When Separating

Do continue to communicate with your partner and do so in a respectful and courteous way.   Do, depending on your circumstances, continue the financial status quo of sharing in expenses, home loan repayments and expenses for the children until you’ve discussed changing it or you’ve formalised your financial agreement.  Do remain honest and transparent […]