The practicalities of child support agreements

If you and your partner agree to contribute financially towards your kids’ expenses above what the child-support agency (Department of Human Services) may calculate to be your legal obligations, you can make that financial-support agreement official and binding in one of two ways: a limited child support agreement (LSA), or a binding child support agreement […]

Why You Should Get Independent Legal Advice Before You Sign Your Agreement

There are certainly benefits, pros and advantages to having independent legal advice about the deal that you and your partner have reached together and about how the documents formalising your agreement(s) are drafted before you sign your agreement. Whilst to enter into Financial Consent Orders, Parenting Consent Orders or a Parenting Plan (which are the documents that […]

Don’t be fooled!

By online financial ‘Separation Agreements’. These are not legally binding, recognised or enforceable. Although cheap, they are wrought with problems! The only way to have your financial agreement recognised is to have it documented properly in either a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders. We specialise in preparing the necessary documents to formalise your financial […]

Child Support Agreements – the Advantages & Disadvantages to You

Why would you formalise what you’ve agreed with your partner about child support? There are advantages and disadvantages to formalising what you’ve agreed with your partner about future financial support for your child(ren). In this blog, our comments are limited to a Binding Child Support Agreement (“BCSA”). In entering into a BCSA, you and your […]