Quickie divorces

So within a few months of launching Separate Together, I (yes, it’s Siobhan writing this blog) was featured on Kochie’s Business Builders. In the introduction, David Koche described Separate Together’s offerings as a “quickie divorce”. I was a little bit taken back because at the time, I didn’t intend to offer couples a quick-out to […]

What to do when their communication skills aren’t up to par…

Seriously, how can you and do you effectively communicate with someone when their communication skills aren’t up to par? You might say, “I need more”. They respond with, “I’m incapable of doing more” or something to that effect. Where does that leave you? Probably gutted, disappointed, unheard, rejected, uncertain and perhaps insecure. Believe it or […]

Divorce industry ‘secrets’

There are three big myths that your typical, traditional family lawyer will tell you. Firstly, you need a lawyer; you can’t go through the legal separation process without one. Secondly, divorce and the legal separation process is expensive. Thirdly, you and your separating partner can’t engage the same lawyer because it’s a conflict. For the […]

A ‘taxing’ divorce: Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about the preparation of tax returns being similar to the traditional process of legally formalising your separation agreement. We say ‘traditional’ because there is a different way of formalising your separation agreement—not the outcome, but the actual process of getting there. What if you only engaged a family lawyer for […]

Separating amicable couples are not a minority. Surprised?

According to the 2017 Family Court Annual Report, for the financial year ending 30 June 2017, there were 14,182 Consent Order Applications lodged with the Family Court of Australia, 13,919 of which were finalised. What this means is that there were more than 27,838 separating Australians who were capable of and did so, reach an […]

Separation and Money: The Value of a Great Money Plan

Guest Blog By Scott Paterson, Financial Advisor & Founder of Deep Wealth Going through a separation is a stressful time and, like it or not, money is often front and centre in your discussions. Worryingly, specific research and stats around divorce show increased stress, lower rates of home ownership, reduced superannuation levels and poorer educational outcomes for […]

Divorce checklist

We’ve prepared a checklist of some things to think about in preparation for your separation: Obtain (if you can) copies of your and your partner’s financial documents, including tax returns for the last three financial years, recent pay slips, bank statements for all accounts, recent superannuation member statements, insurance policies, car registration papers and if […]