What to Do When Separating

Do continue to communicate with your partner and do so in a respectful and courteous way.   Do, depending on your circumstances, continue the financial status quo of sharing in expenses, home loan repayments and expenses for the children until you’ve discussed changing it or you’ve formalised your financial agreement.  Do remain honest and transparent […]

What’s the difference between Parenting Plans & Parenting Orders?

A Parenting Order is an Order made by the relevant Court about care arrangements and matters to do with children. Parenting Orders can be made by consent (agreement by the parents) or by a Judge after a trial where parents cannot agree. Parenting Orders can be as comprehensive and detailed as you want, for example, the […]

Children. Minimise the Effects of Separation on Them

              It goes without saying that you and your partner would want the separation not to be your children’s defining childhood memory. There are ways that you can achieve this, bearing in mind the following: Offer your children reassurance of your and the other parent’s love and support always. Positive encouragement about […]