The AMICABLE Divorce Method

You and your partner can separate and, for lack of a better word, have an amicable divorce. What constitutes an amicable divorce or separation? Well I suppose an amicable divorce or separation is one which is relatively civil and respectful, in spite of any potential tension and discomfort. I’ve developed the AMICABLE Divorce method, which […]

Lawyers Who Tell You What You Want to Hear

There are lawyers out there, just like car sales people, who will tell you what you want to hear. Perhaps you want to hear how much you’re “entitled” to in the division of assets or, that you “could get more” or that you’ll “definitely be able to have your children 50% of the time”. We’d suggest […]

Divorce checklist

We’ve prepared a checklist of some things to think about in preparation for your separation: Obtain (if you can) copies of your and your partner’s financial documents, including tax returns for the last three financial years, recent pay slips, bank statements for all accounts, recent superannuation member statements, insurance policies, car registration papers and if […]

What Not to Do When Separating

Don’t act deceptively or at least think very carefully before doing so. This includes transferring money without telling your partner, going through your partner’s belongings without their agreement, telling your partner that you’re separated after you’ve already moved out. Having worked with hundreds of separated clients, the deception of the other person around the time of separation […]

Child Support Agreements – the Advantages & Disadvantages to You

Why would you formalise what you’ve agreed with your partner about child support? There are advantages and disadvantages to formalising what you’ve agreed with your partner about future financial support for your child(ren). In this blog, our comments are limited to a Binding Child Support Agreement (“BCSA”). In entering into a BCSA, you and your […]

What to Do When Separating

Do continue to communicate with your partner and do so in a respectful and courteous way.   Do, depending on your circumstances, continue the financial status quo of sharing in expenses, home loan repayments and expenses for the children until you’ve discussed changing it or you’ve formalised your financial agreement.  Do remain honest and transparent […]

What does the law say about care arrangements for our children?

The law says that care arrangements for children should be those that are in their ‘best interests’. What does that mean? Well, in considering what arrangements are in a child’s best interests after separation, the law says that there are two major pillars to consider—the need to protect a child from harm (psychological, physical abuse/harm, […]

Children. Minimise the Effects of Separation on Them

              It goes without saying that you and your partner would want the separation not to be your children’s defining childhood memory. There are ways that you can achieve this, bearing in mind the following: Offer your children reassurance of your and the other parent’s love and support always. Positive encouragement about […]