The AMICABLE Divorce Method

You and your partner can separate and, for lack of a better word, have an amicable divorce. What constitutes an amicable divorce or separation? Well I suppose an amicable divorce or separation is one which is relatively civil and respectful, in spite of any potential tension and discomfort. I’ve developed the AMICABLE Divorce method, which […]

Reach a separation agreement without going to court

Typically when a couple separates, there needs to be some agreed outcome reached in relation to the following: If there are children, an agreement about their care arrangements and all things relating to them, including how they’re going to be financially provided for ie. child support (periodic and non-periodic expenses, for example, extracurricular activities, medical […]

Making The Pie Split Official 

When it comes to making your agreement about how you’ll split The Pie official, you’d be looking at doing this by way of Financial Consent Orders. The Consent Orders allow for real estate, shares and cars to be transferred without having to pay stamp duty. There are two documents that need to be prepared, one […]

Separating amicable couples are not a minority. Surprised?

According to the 2017 Family Court Annual Report, for the financial year ending 30 June 2017, there were 14,182 Consent Order Applications lodged with the Family Court of Australia, 13,919 of which were finalised. What this means is that there were more than 27,838 separating Australians who were capable of and did so, reach an […]

I’m Not Amicable or Friends with My Ex: Can You Help?

We specialise in formalising agreements reached by couples after separation in a legal way. Couples therefore don’t have to be friends or ‘amicable’ with one another to engage us. There is really only one requirement and that is simply to have reached an agreement. I’d say that perhaps two thirds of the couples that I […]

Why should we formalise our financial agreement?

There are three primary (financial) reasons why you should formalise the agreement that you reach with your partner about finances, and do so properly, in a legal way. If you’re transferring a house or a car to your partner or vice versa, then stamp duty will not be payable on the transfer. This could save […]