Should I stay or should I go? Your options

Darling you got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go?* It’s a good question. When is the right time to call it quits? Do you feel that you have tried everything to make it work? Have you and your partner explored all possibilities when it comes to working on the relationship? As […]

‘Christmas in July’ and Separation: What do they have to do with one another?

There seems to be a lot of ‘Christmas in July’ themed parties, events and advertising gigs on this month. You’re probably wondering though, what does that have to do with separation and divorce? Well, a few things: Typically, couples take between three to six months (or potentially longer) to reach an agreement after separation about care arrangements […]

Why You Should Get Independent Legal Advice Before You Sign Your Agreement

There are certainly benefits, pros and advantages to having independent legal advice about the deal that you and your partner have reached together and about how the documents formalising your agreement(s) are drafted before you sign your agreement. Whilst to enter into Financial Consent Orders, Parenting Consent Orders or a Parenting Plan (which are the documents that […]

Lawyers Who Tell You What You Want to Hear

There are lawyers out there, just like car sales people, who will tell you what you want to hear. Perhaps you want to hear how much you’re “entitled” to in the division of assets or, that you “could get more” or that you’ll “definitely be able to have your children 50% of the time”. We’d suggest […]

What Not to Do When Separating

Don’t act deceptively or at least think very carefully before doing so. This includes transferring money without telling your partner, going through your partner’s belongings without their agreement, telling your partner that you’re separated after you’ve already moved out. Having worked with hundreds of separated clients, the deception of the other person around the time of separation […]

The ‘We’ Propositions and the ‘Reframe’

As a lawyer practicing solely in family law, I can tell you that one of the most important things that I consider to be influential and critical to discussions between couples who are separating, is communication and the importance of ‘the re-frame’. Whilst emotionally it can serve to discuss what went wrong, who did what […]

Why We Don’t Like Going to Court

We don’t like going to Court because: We can see value in the other process options to assist couples to reach an agreement, that are faster and significantly cheaper and less costly emotionally. Neither you nor the lawyers have any real control over what happens at Court. There is no certainty about cost, time or […]