Splitting Up Together

The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce

Founder of Separate Together, Siobhan Mullins, has released her book titled Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce. 

There are plenty of wishy-washy self-help and legalese books on breakups, but until now there has been no plain-English, easy-to-understand handbook on the practical ‘stuff’ to do and think about before and after separation.

Filled with a handful of easy exercises for readers to complete and the immediate need to know information about the separation process, readers are up skilled and educated on their options to separate amicably and how they can avoid court.

This handbook will answer more questions than it raises and is the starting place for someone who is contemplating separating or who is anywhere along the divorce journey.

Julian Millar, Barrister, 4th Floor Wentworth Chambers, Sydney

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Who the book is for

Readers who are considering separating and those who have separated, who preferably want to avoid conflict with their partner, court and lawyers, will benefit from this how-to handbook.

What the book is about

This no nonsense handbook explains in plain English, easy to understand terms, the process and steps involved to make a separation official. 

AMICABLE is an acronym that stands for acceptance, momentum, interests, consideration, advice, brainstorm, LEADR-to-yes and endorse. The chapters are broken down into each acronymic word, representing the stages that readers experience from making the decision to separate, right through to reaching an agreement and the steps involved to make it official.

Readers will learn and understand:

  • What to consider when making the decision to separate, including their options to stay together and separate
  • The common mistakes people make and how to avoid them
  • What the law says in general terms about parenting, child support, finances, superannuation, divorce and maintenance after separation
  • The practical tasks and exercises they can do themselves to help them reach an agreement and reduce lawyer involvement
  • The options to reach a separation agreement together that don’t involve going to court
  • The steps that are involved to progress and finalise their separation
  • How to make their separation agreement official

What you say

“An easy to understand practical how-to guide on amicably divorcing. A must read for anyone in the process of or thinking about splitting up”

“This book goes to show that divorce doesn’t have to become ugly and complicated. There is a clear simple, process that can be followed to avoid ending up in court fighting”

“A ripper of a book that deserves a place in bookstores everywhere”

“Many people out there will benefit hugely from such straightforward and clear writing”

“A very practical, helpful useful book that fills a gap in the marketplace”

“I found it to be thought provoking; answering questions that I didn’t even know I had. It made me consider my relationship in a different light. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about divorce or who is going through one”