Separation & Divorce 101

Your introduction into how you can make your separation official, quickly and easily.

Separated, don’t know where to start?

Is the process to separate really as hard and complicated as it seems?

Do you have to use a lawyer?

Separation & Divorce 101 is a two hour interactive workshop presented by collaboratively trained, award winning divorce lawyer, Siobhan Mullins.

  • Get an understanding about the legal framework to help you reach an agreement with your partner
  • Learn how and when to involve lawyers—if at all
  • Get clear on the AMICABLE method to avoid conflict with your partner and going to court
  • Develop a personalised blue print next steps action plan to progress your separation


Get clear on the divorce & separation process to reach a separation agreement with your partner.


Prepare and sign the paperwork to make your agreement official. Get advice.


Make your agreement legal and binding. Implement it and go your separate ways.

What you get

  • 2 hour content filled, interactive presentation workshop
  • Separation & Divorce 101 Workbook, including resources and practical exercises
  • Presented by award winning lawyer and founder of Australia’s leading online family law firm
  • BONUS copy of the best selling book, Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce

Why attend


  • You want clarity about the steps involved to make your separation, including any agreements, official
  • You want to feel and be in control of the process
  • You prioritise your and your partner’s financial well-being and want to avoid expensive lawyers and court
  • You value understanding relevant information


  • Plain English, engaging presentation & workshop
  • Take home workbook with practical how-to exercises to complete
  • Centrally located (inner South), close to public transport and with easy onsite parking
  • Convenient after work hours
  • Relaxed, small group setting
  • Presented by an experienced collaboratively trained divorce lawyer
  • Affordable, with discounts for two person-registrations
  • Attend with your partner

Plus $50 from every registration is donated to B1G1 (which stands for Buy 1 Give 1). B1G1 is a global giving platform which develops projects consistent with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.