According to the 2017 Family Court Annual Report, for the financial year ending 30 June 2017, there were 14,182 Consent Order Applications lodged with the Family Court of Australia, 13,919 of which were finalised.

What this means is that there were more than 27,838 separating Australians who were capable of and did so, reach an agreement with their partner about the division of their finances and/or sought Parenting Orders in relation to care arrangements for their child/ren.

The number of consenting separating individuals for the 2017 financial year is only a few thousand short of the number of applications that were made in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia seeking routine Final Orders (being 17,791). Basically, 17,791 individuals commenced Court proceedings because they were unable to reach an agreement with their partner in relation to financial, parenting, child support and/or spouse maintenance matters.

What does this go to show? Well, that agreeable separating couples are not a minority.

If anything, you should find this reassuring. You are capable of reaching an agreement with your partner and being one of the 13,000+ Consent Order Applications lodged with the Family Court each year.

And when you have reached an agreement, get in contact with us to have the paperwork prepared to make your agreement legal and binding.


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