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Our AMICABLE method breaks down the process to make separation and divorce official, including any separation agreements. The Quiz will measure you against eight criterion. AMICABLE is an acronym that stands for:


Whether the decision to separate has been made and you’ve emotionally accepted the decision.


The practical steps that you’ve taken to prepare for the separation journey.


How clear you are on your needs, priorities and goals and your commitment to not getting lost on the road ahead


How prepared you are with a back up plan for the journey ahead in case things break down.


Whether you’ve sought advice before committing to the journey and your preferred route.


Whether you’ve thought creatively about outcomes to meet your and your partner’s needs.

LEADR to yes

Whether you believe you’re able to have productive agreement discussions with your partner. LEADR to yes is an acronym that stands for listen, express, acknowledge, discuss and repeat. It is a structured framework for you to follow to reach agreement.


How much thought you’ve given to make your separation agreement official.


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