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How Separate Together Works


Separate Together is perfect for those separating individuals or couples who are reaching or have reached an agreement about the division of property and/or care arrangements for the children and who simply want to formalise their agreement(s) in an easy, fast and affordable way.

Separate Together works one of two ways—either you engage us to prepare the documents to propose an agreement or formalise the agreement that you and your partner have already reached together or, you and your partner together, engage us to prepare documents to formalise your agreement(s).

If engaged by just you, we can provide you with independent legal advice about the agreement.

The way that it works is:

  1. You provide us with some information.
  2. We send you a letter of engagement confirming the fixed price.
  3. You make the necessary payment and provide us with a few more details about your agreement(s).
  4. We prepare the draft agreement documents and send onto you, with instructions on how to finalise and make binding. If you alone have engaged us, we will provide you with independent legal advice about the agreement(s) or proposed agreement(s).

We offer a complimentary Skype/telephone consultation with you to answer any questions that you have about the documents, together with one round of changes to the draft documents for free.

So whilst you’re separating and going your separate ways, you’ll tie up the ends together.

We’re happy to answer or questions that you have about us, the process or what we do. Get in contact with us today now by sending us an email at or calling us on (02) 6100 3629.

We look forward to working with you!