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Separate Together: The Uber-Equivalent


I was having dinner with my parents the other day at their home, and because I was going to be drinking some good wine, I decided I wouldn’t drive.

It was a cold, wet and windy Friday evening, and when I looked at the availability and cost of an Uber at that time, it was going to cost me three times what it usually would. So clearly, there was the demand for the warm, dry comfort of an Uber then.

So, I decided to try my luck by ordering a taxi. A taxi from a reputable company was available within minutes. The price was comparable to what the typical cost of an Uber would’ve been were there less of a demand that same wet Friday evening.

The taxi arrived, and I got in. Well, was I surprised! How taxis have changed in the last few years!

I won’t go into detail, but I didn’t feel safe as a passenger. I felt intimidated and vulnerable by some of the questions asked of me as a single female passenger, and the driver reeked of cigarettes, the car wasn’t clean, and I didn’t even feel comfortable enough to provide the specific address of my parents’ home—you know, just in case…

After having a few glasses of wine and dinner, I ordered an Uber to take me home. As I was driven home, I reflected on how I felt initially about catching an Uber when first introduced in Canberra. The idea of getting into some stranger’s car and whom you don’t know the driving experience of didn’t sit well with me back then.

But Uber has stepped it up with tracking, driver and passenger ratings and all of that and now, having experienced that, I don’t ever want to get a taxi again.

I discovered that the old way of travelling in a taxi was not how I felt comfortable with now. I didn’t feel comfortable and safe in the taxi, notwithstanding the taxi company’s name being branded and having a reputation.

This might strike a chord with you if everything you know about the stereotypical separation and divorce and the way that lawyers traditionally operate doesn’t sit comfortably with you.

What I’m saying is there is a new way to separate and divorce, and it doesn’t involve working with some once-reputable business, who haven’t innovated in the last two years and are all about fleecing you your hard-earned money.

The new way to separate and divorce involves you doing it better—having a positive, seamless, straightforward experience overall so that you and your partner can go on to lead truly fulfilled lives.

It’s to go your separate ways from your partner but do it together.

Think of us as the Uber-family-law-firm-equivalent. We are the means of helping you and your partner get from A to B in a way that is simple, fast, affordable.

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