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Most couples want to avoid the pain, damage and cost of court by reaching a separation agreement.

But, being stumped about what to do next leads them to get lawyers involved and suddenly, things get taken out of their hands.

What’s typically at the forefront of their minds (aside from kids) is all things financial. To solve this issue, we created ‘Splitting the Pie’.

This jargon-free, engaging webinar explains the legal principles guiding financial outcomes, the options to agree (that don’t involve court) and explain just how simple and easy it is to make an agreement official.

We believe gaining this knowledge is the best first step you can take.

 It is entirely possible to separate amicably, and we have helped hundreds of couples to do so.

We’re in Business for Good. What this means is that 100% of the $15 fee is donated to providing 30 days of education to girls in Kenya via B1G1