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Many couples dread lawyers when they have a separation agreement they’re happy with.

They’re worried that the lawyer will undo the agreement, cost them an arm and a leg and create conflict. But they can’t do prepare the paperwork themselves, it seems all too difficult and complicated.

The one thing that you can do that will make the biggest difference to your life, is to book in for Lift Off!

For a one off fixed price, you’ll join us (together with your partner if you’d like) for Lift Off, being a 45-60 minute information only online or face-to-face meeting where we explain to you the process to make your agreement official, help you get clear on your agreement, go over any gaping holes and make suggestions as to your possible next steps including whether we’re suited to help you. It’s obligation free and really is a no-brainer for getting clarity going forward.

Use the link below to book a time.

 It’s an experience you’ll want to do again (if you ever had to).

We’re in Business for Good, which means we’re about making impact in the world by giving in the ordinary course of business.