The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit

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The Ultimate DIY Financial Split Kit provides you with the information, tools and resources to work with your partner to reach a financial separation agreement together.

This plain English, practical Split Kit identifies the information you’ll need to get and how to get it, exercises to do individually and with your partner to narrow the issues to be agreed on and then effectively communicate with one another to agree.

For less than the cost of a typical first lawyer appointment, the Split Kit is the starting point for anyone who is separated and needing to agree on a financial split.

The Split Kit includes a number of special things:

  • Two copies of Splitting Up Together: The How-to Handbook for an AMICABLE Divorce (combined value $49.90)
  • Two workbooks that include tear sheet questionnaires, checklists, agendas and practical resources for you to work through individually and with your partner (combined valued $310)
  • “The Pie” and “The GSD” Worksheets (A2)
  • A sand timer and post it notes

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$330.00Add to Cart

In stock


Get plain English, practical information and resources to help you in your separation without breaking the bank.

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