Splitting The Pie (Recorded Event)


Stop wasting your time and feel less stressed. Get clarity and understanding early on after separating about the steps involved to reach a financial separation agreement with your partner, the legal principles informing “fair” splits in the eyes of the law and the different ways you can make it official.

For under $20, this engaging 50-minute recorded event presented by our multi award winning family lawyer, Siobhan Mullins, provides you with plain-English, no non-sense practical information and tips to guide you to work together with your partner to agree and finalise the financial aspect of your separation.


Get plain English, practical information and resources to help you in your separation without breaking the bank.

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We've agreed (or almost)

You and your partner are 85–100% clear on a separation agreement. Get clear on the steps to finalise and make your agreement official.

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You’re separated or are thinking about it. 
Get clear on your next steps to gain clarity, direction and confidence in moving forward.

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