All Things Parenting Bundle

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Set your parenting relationship and child up for life with certainty and stability by starting off on the right foot. Our All Things Parenting Bundle provides you with practical information in helping you with your parenting and child support agreements.

Valued at over $1,900, our All Things Parenting Bundle includes a number of special things:

  • Successful Sane Parenting After Separation recorded event (total duration 105 minutes) presented by our award winning collaboratively trained family lawyer VALUED AT $1,180
    • Part 1: All Things Parenting (65 minutes)
    • Part 2: All Things Child Support (40 minutes)
  • All Things Parenting Bundle Playbook (18 pages of plain English content, a checklist, resource page and ideas galore for managing child support)

Buy this Parenting Bundle to help you in your parenting mediation, before or after getting legal advice, or simply for helping you and your partner work through your parenting and child support agreements.

Our Successful Sane Parenting After Separation covers:

  • Part 1:
    1. What the law says about child care arrangements (child custody) after separating
    2. Practical considerations to factor in as part of your parenting agreement
    3. Options to help you agree
    4. Different ways to make your parenting agreement official, and reasons to make your agreement official
    5. Parenting pitfalls – discover where parents encounter issues in the future
  • Part 2:
    • Child Support Basics 101
    • Ideas for managing child support – periodic and non-periodic
    • Exploration of non-periodic expenses
    • Making your child support agreement official
$439.00Add to Cart

Get plain English, practical information and resources to help you in your separation without breaking the bank.

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