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The how-to DIY handbook for separating couples who want to avoid lawyers, legal fees, conflict and court

Canberra, Australia The founder of Australia’s leading online family law firm, Separate Together, has released a new book called Splitting Up Together: The How-to Handbook for an AMICABLE Divorce.Written for people considering separating and those who have separated, author and divorce lawyer, Siobhan Mullins, wrote this book “for those who want to DIY their divorce and separation, and avoid lawyers”.

“A friend likened using a lawyer in a divorce to using an arms dealer in peace negotiations. Lawyers are perceived to be inherently self-interested; encouraging conflict and litigation to achieve their billable targets. Understandably, people want to avoid using them”, states Mullins. “But avoiding lawyers is not always the answer”.

“A lack of understanding about the process and the legal principles that guide appropriate financial and parenting outcomes after separation can lead to couples fighting in court. Most people desperately want to avoid this outcome, particularly when children are involved. This book aims to up skill and educate readers with the right immediate need to know information to help them avoid court”, says Mullins.

Separating couples face the problem of information overload, the perception that the process is hard and complicated and that lawyer involvement is needed. Mullins’ AMICABLE method demonstrates the nature of the step-by-step divorce process and how simple it can be.

AMICABLE is an acronym that stands for acceptance, momentum, interests, consideration, advice, brainstorm, LEADR-to-yes and endorse. The chapters are broken down into each acronymic word, representing the stages that readers experience from making the decision to separate, right through to reaching an agreement and the steps involved to make it official. In plain English terms, readers are also guided through what the law says in general terms about parenting, financial, child support, maintenance and divorce after separation.

“I’ve made this handbook incredibly practical and simple to follow,” Mullins states. “Readers can save time and money by doing some of the work themselves with a handful of easy to complete exercises that lawyers ordinarily charge for. Although encouraged, lawyer involvement and advice is optional”.

The book is now available for purchase from Amazon both in Kindle and paperback.

The official launch of Splitting Up Together will take place on 19 March 2019 in Canberra.

About Siobhan Mullins

Mullins and her firm have been finalists for various ACT and National industry and business awards for being ‘innovators’ in the family law profession. Mullins was named as a finalist for the Business News Australia 2018 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Legal. Find out more at

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