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Our KISS Method


As a Public Service town, us Canberran locals just love our acronyms. Case in point, our method to help people get clear on the steps involved to separate and make it all official is captured in our AMICABLE Method. And our Instagram page is titled ‘Thegsdlawyerlife’—GSD standing for “get stuff done”.

So, you won’t be surprised to hear about the KISS Method, which we adopt throughout what we do, even in COVID times.  Whenever we’re building a product,creating content, speaking, preparing scripts or questions, we remind ourselves to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

By adopting the KISS method in our approach, we strip back all that legal jargon. We remove unnecessary complication. We avoid confusion and we minimise stress and angst.

Instead, we instil understanding. We foster creativity and most of all, we facilitate a positive space where you and your partner can work together to reach an agreement and make it all official, quickly and easily.

We encourage you to adopt the KISS method in your approach to communicating with your partner.

Short but sweet. Constructive not obstructive. Proactive not reactive. Deliberate and focused.