Hold Your Hand

Our DIY and Hold Your Hand service combination is the most popular, and for good reason.

We offer a hand holding service where an experienced family lawyer can review, tweak and amend your draft paperwork (as needed) to help you achieve your intended outcome before you sign and make it official.

Why do it

Because you want:

  • Assurance that your paperwork reflects your intended outcome
  • Review by a professional to correct your paperwork
  • Real, personal support from an experienced professional who knows what they’re doing
  • Personalised agreement paperwork with extra ‘quirks’
  • Additional help and your questions answered
  • A seamless, stress free (as much as there can be) experience
  • Avoid avoidable delays in having your separation agreement paperwork rejected
How much
  • $795 including GST – financial separation agreements
  • $POA – parenting separation agreements

*Additional fees apply if there are three or more properties, companies, trusts etc. exist. Complete the below to receive your copy of The Agreement Plan.

How does this compare to other family lawyers

It typically takes us between 2-5 hours for the hand holding service.

To put this in perspective, typical family lawyers charge a minimum (and this is conservative!) of $350+ per hour. You’d therefore likely pay anywhere between $700 – $1,750 for another lawyer to perform an equivalent hand holding service and potentially without the same value.

With certainty as to price and turnaround time in using our hand holding service, you’re already ahead financially and time wise.

Our DIY and Hold Your Hand service combination is our most popular and for good reason. Read below to find out more.