Financial Consent Orders Pack

Making your agreement official

We always say that the hardest part can be reaching a separation agreement together. Making it official is relatively easy, as you’ve just learnt.

To make your financial separation agreement official in financial consent orders, there are two documents that need to be prepared:

  • An Application for Consent Orders; and,
  • The Proposed Orders by Consent.

Once the documents have been prepared, you and your partner are happy with the documents, you sign the paperwork, get legal advice (optional) and then submit the paperwork to the court to be approved. If the agreement is determined to be fair (“just and equitable”) according to what the law says, then your agreement will be stamped and approved by the court. You’ll both receive a copy of the stamped orders in the mail.

You then simply need to implement the agreement.

See, it’s really not that complex! 

Our solution

By using automated software, we make it easy for you to prepare your own draft agreement paperwork using our templates prepared by an experienced family lawyer.

You simply answer questions about your agreement, make payment, press submit and you’ll immediately receive your draft paperwork via email.

From there, it’s up to you to carefully read the draft paperwork and take steps to make it official.

What’s included

We know that getting the draft paperwork isn’t enough of a solution. You need to know what to do with it once you get it!

This is why we provide you with a Handbook of important information about your draft paperwork, the process, other matters that are or might be relevant to you and provide suggested instructions on how to sign and submit your paperwork to the court.

You receive:

  • Application for Consent Orders (draft)
  • Proposed Orders (draft)
  • If you’re dividing superannuation, letters (draft) to the superfund giving them procedural fairness and serving the orders (required)
  • If you’re dividing superannuation, an Affidavit proving procedural fairness (draft)
  • Financial Consent Orders Handbook

*Please note that orders setting out your parenting agreement are not included.


  • Easy to understand questions
  • Simple to use
  • Do it from the convenience of your own home day or night
  • How-to handbook on what to do you with your draft paperwork


  • Do it with your partner together
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Reduce or eliminate lawyer involvement
  • You’re in control
  • Save time

With clarity and understanding about the process to make your agreement official, you’ll feel relieved and less stressed and overwhelmed.

With the option to prepare the paperwork with your partner, you’ll maintain transparency, minimising conflict and reducing or eliminating lawyer involvement.

You’ll feel in control and feel a sense of security and certainty about your future going forward.

Getting started

To get started you’ll want to:

  • Have a clear understanding of your agreement
  • Have a list all of the assets (real estate, cash, shares, vehicles etc.), debts and superannuation that you and your partner own—whether separately or jointly.
  • Have your credit card handy to make payment.

You can complete the questionnaire as best you can in one sitting, hit save and continue later. You’ll be provided with a unique URL to return to your partially completed form, which will be active for 30 days only.

Get Started!