Affidavit (Fairness)

In order for the court to approve your financial separation agreement in financial consent orders, your agreement has to be just and equitable (fair) according to what the law says.

Sometimes the court needs additional information about the circumstances of your relationship, your contributions (financial, non-financial, parenting and homemaker) and your future needs in order to form the view about your agreement’s fairness. When you insert this information into an affidavit, it becomes evidence. Statutory Declarations are not evidence.

You can use prepare this affidavit below or download the court’s blank affidavit here.


Our solution

By using automated software, we make it easy for you to prepare your own draft fairness affidavit.

You simply answer the questions asked, make payment, press submit and you’ll immediately receive your draft paperwork via email. The necessary information and your evidence will be correctly populated into the affidavit.

From there, it’s up to you to carefully review the draft paperwork and take steps to make submit it to the court together with your financial consent orders application.

Our solution

  • $110 including GST

Our prices are lower than what you’d expect to pay with other traditional law firms. Why? Because we pass the savings in overheads in operating online onto you.

What's included

  • Information and evidence about your agreement (draft)
  • The correct Affidavit form auto-populated
  • Fairness Affidavit Handbook, which includes important information about your draft paperwork, the process, other matters that are or might be relevant to you and provide suggested instructions on how to sign and submit your paperwork to the court.


  • Easy to understand questions
  • Simple to use
  • Complete online
  • Complies with court requirements
  • Get the evidence you need to help the court make the decision about the fairness of your agreement first time around.
  • Complete from the convenience of your own home day or night
  • Reduce or eliminate lawyer involvement


  • Buy one and use for the second person too 
  • Provide the necessary evidence to the court about separation under the one roof
  • Avoid delays
  • Minimise stress
  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • Feel confident about your application being approved
  • Minimise the risk of your financial consent orders application rejected

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