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ONE THING to do BEFORE you sell the house when separating!


Lately, I’ve come across so many couples who’ve agreed to sell the family home as a part of their financial separation agreement.

I always ask- ‘why are you selling?‘. The response I usually get is because neither of them wants the home or they believe they can’t afford for one of them to keep it and pay the other person out, plus take over any home loan that there might be.

If the reason they’re selling is because of affordability issues, I ask the couple if they’ve thought about doing a delayed house transfer, loan refinance and payment or, making a payment to the person not keeping the home, in instalments.

The response I get to this is, “I didn’t know we could do that!”.

There are two matters that any financial separation agreement you reach must satisfy:

  1. One is the fairness (aka ‘just and equitable’) requirement in the eyes of the law, and
  2. The other being to cut all financial ties between you. This financial tie cut doesn’t have to be immediate. There just needs to be an end date, with certainty of terms.

There are perks to the scenario of one of you keeping the home, and that includes maximising the money that’s available to be split. It also provides some stability on the home front for yourself or your partner and any children you may have together with it comes to living arrangements.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, please get in contact with us!

When couples come to us wanting to work together to help sort out the paperwork for their financial separation agreement, we book them in for Lift Off! Lift Off might just be the thing you need to ensure you get the best outcome for you and your family.

Lift Off is a session with one of our team members, where we go over your agreement so far, explain what’s involved to make your agreement official and suggested next steps. It’s where we’ll share with you ideas and insights for what’s possible in the bounds of the law when it comes to your agreement, circumstances and aspirations.

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