So about a fortnight ago, I went to a MasterClass on digital innovation in the legal profession. The focus was largely on how innovation can assist in running a law firm as a business but also about innovative ways to service clients’ needs.

You, might think, ‘Well, how does this affect me?’ 

The answer about how “innovative” your lawyer is will almost certainly, affect you. How innovative your lawyer is will likely affect your back pocket and timeliness of the service that you receive from your lawyer.

It will affect your back pocket with how much you’re charged, the amount you pay your lawyer and how you’re charged—whether it is on six minute increments or fixed pricing. The timeliness of service will affect how quickly you can move on emotionally and financially from your separation.

I started Separate Together having seen that there is a need for quality, legal services in Australia specialising in the preparation of the paperwork to formalise separating couples’ agreements in a legal way.

That is one of the ‘innovations’ of Separate Together.

Another innovation is the fixed price structure and affordability.

In operating as an online firm, we do not have the same overheads as a commercial law firm. I made the decision to pass those savings onto you.

A third innovation is that of offering a limited scope service which enables a separating couple to engage us jointly to prepare the paperwork to formalise the agreement(s).

A fourth innovation, and probably the biggest one in the Australian family law space, is that of utilising artificial intelligence (AI).

We’ve developed an application that enables you to create one of the two documents required to formalise your agreement about how to divide your finances after separation, by way of Financial Consent Orders.

A fifth innovation is our three tiered service.

You decide what level of service (aka help) you feel you need and want, to suit your budget.

  1. You can elect to use our AI application and formalise your agreement yourself by way of Financial Consent Orders, without even using a lawyer. This is our DIY option.
  2. You also have the option of using the AI application and then engaging us to review and finalise your Financial Consent Order documents, with a complimentary consultation. This is our ‘Hold Your Hand’ option.
  3. You then have a third option of engaging us to do all of your agreement documents from scratch. This is our ‘Do It For You’ option.

Find out more about our new ‘How It Works’ page by clicking here.

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