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My encounter with the #RedShark…


Soooooo on 4 April 2019, this happened!

I met with the one and only, Naomi Simson, Australian entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, influence and founder of Red Balloon and co-founder of Big Red Group (BRG). You might recognise Naomi as one of the Sharks (#redshark) from Shark Tank!

Naomi shared insights about the way BRG shifts the way people experience life and her vision to make the world a better place through her business purpose and her why.

Naomi was lovely; a no-BS, straight shooter, whose approach in business I am inspired by.

My biggest takeaway from Naomi was our economy has changed such that these days people will buy for a transactional, social or emotional reason.

This was an insightful reminder to me that when you buy a product or engage our services, you’re doing so for an emotional reason.

You want to know and feel assured that you can trust us, rely on the support we provide and the essence of the experience is as we say it is—simple and easy as it can be.

I also got the opportunity to give Naomi a copy of my book, ‘Splitting Up Together: The How-to for an AMICABLE Divorce‘.

I look forward to reading Naomi’s book, ‘Ready to Soar: Turn Your Brilliant Idea into a Business You Love’.