No, we’re not talking about MYOB the accounting software system, rather we’re talking about your personal, private separation and family business.

I had a person recently ask about a disagreement that I had with someone and I found it to be a bit offensive to say the least because it was blatantly none of their business. How do I tell them this though? And I’m not even experiencing a separation at the moment!

Friends and family will of course ask you about how your separation is going, what your lawyer says, how things are tracking in working towards an outcome and all the rest. They might offer their opinion, advice and may comment. You might find this to be of course, both a positive thing (because you construe it to be supportive), but also a negative thing and therefore is counter productive, because you might not necessarily agree with it or it might simply not reflect your experience.

A breakdown of a relationship is not the easiest thing to experience. It can be quite an emotional journey.

You’re entitled to walk your own path and make your own decisions.

Do right by you because at the end of the day, you can really only rely on you.

If someone asks you a question about a personal matter, feel assured that you do not have to answer it and you are entitled to say to them that it’s not their business.

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