When you go to a lawyer and ask them to prepare the documents to make your separation agreement official, almost undoubtedly that lawyer would’ve prepared such paperwork before.

What this means for you is that the lawyer would likely have access to precedents and possibly software that makes the process of formalising separation agreements for their clients a ‘tick-a-box’ approach—basically form filling. The lawyer (or their assistant) sits at their computer and answers questions about their client’s separation agreement. At the end of the questionnaire, a word document version is generated with the relevant separation agreement clauses. The lawyer might make a few changes before sending to you for you to review (with a nice big fat bill too!).

We’ve developed a system that cuts out the middle man (being the lawyer) and allows you to prepare your own draft separation agreement paperwork.

(At the moment, this is limited to the Proposed Financial Consent Orders document, but we’ve plans to expand to include parenting matters too).

What do you have to do? 

We also offer a Hold Your Hand service, whereby we can review and finalise your draft agreement paperwork to make sure that it’s all correct.

If you’re thinking that this all seems to simple and easy, well truth be told, it is.

To get started now, click here and answer questions about your separation financial agreement. Alternatively, call to speak with one of our experienced family lawyers now (02) 6100 3629. 



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