When it comes to making your agreement about how you’ll split The Pie official, you’d be looking at doing this by way of Financial Consent Orders.

The Consent Orders allow for real estate, shares and cars to be transferred without having to pay stamp duty.
There are two documents that need to be prepared, one being the Application for Consent Orders and the other being the Proposed Orders by Consent document.

These documents get lodged with the Court and the Court signs off on them—no-one goes to Court, it is simply a paperwork exercise.

We’ve made the process of preparing this paperwork simple.

You’ve the choice of:

What are your options? 

‘We’ll Do It For You’ (DIFY)

This is where you provide some information about your agreement split of The Pie, and we prepare the paperwork to make your agreement official.

What do you get?
What are the benefits?

If you’re time poor, already feel overwhelmed and have the funds, then this would probably be the most suitable option for you.

If you’re Pie is fairly simple (ie. there are no complex trust, business or company structures, there is only 1-2 items of real estate), and you’re prepared to do more of the leg work yourselves, then DIY and Hold Your Hand service may suit you.

‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY)

Application for Consent Orders

​Prepare your own draft Application for Consent Orders. ​

Proposed Orders

‘Hold Your Hand’ (HYH)

With our HYH option:

What do you get?
What are the benefits?

Essentially, you’ll be able to proceed with submitting your agreement paperwork to the Court feeling confident that it will be accepted first time around without issuing (assuming that our suggested steps are followed).

For the more ‘complex’ agreements or where there are two properties, you’ll need to get in contact with us.

Check out our Online Store to get started or simply contact us at ready@separatetogether.com.au

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