I come across many articles and internet blogs about how long the divorce process takes from the time of separation. What these articles all focus on though are ‘contested divorce proceedings’—basically, where a separating couple cannot reach an agreement about the division of their finances, parenting, child support and/or spouse maintenance, and one person has commenced Court proceedings asking a Judge to make a decision.

And the thing is, divorce is separate from reaching an agreement with your partner about how to divide your assets, debts and superannuation and parenting arrangements!

The reality is that, broadly speaking, for contested divorce/separation proceedings, you’re probably looking at about two and a half years from the time that the Court proceedings are started until your matter goes to trial before a Judge. There can also be some delay (upwards of three months) for the Judge to hand down their decision. And don’t forget the legal fees! These articles tell you that the legal fees to take a matter to trial are upwards of $150,000.

I always think though, what about those uncontested divorces and separations—you know, where couples agree about care arrangements for the children and the division of their finances??

From my experience, a traditional family law firm is likely to charge upwards of $3,000 to prepare your Consent Orders Application in relation to parenting and/or financial matters and it could take the lawyer more than a week (minimum) to prepare the necessary paperwork. Those traditional firms will also only act for one of you.

Separate Together, on the other hand, is different. Our firm specialises in, for want of a better phrase, ‘amicable separations’—separations where couples agree about outcome.

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