Lift Off!

Get clear on what’s involved to make your separation agreement official and determine which of our services best suits your needs.

What is Lift Off?

Lift Off! is a 40 minute online meeting (Zoom) where we will get clear on your agreement, your goals and identify what needs to happen to achieve those goals identified, including the paperwork and service options that best suit your needs.

You’ll be guaranteed to get value from Lift Off! Book in with your partner.

What Clients Say

Kate and Brendan came to us after deciding to separate. They had three children together, two of primary school age and a one year old. Knowing that they would have to co-parent together, Kate and Brendan were committed to ensuring that their children remained their number one priority.

During Lift Off!, we spoke with Kate and Brendan about the different services that would suit them. They opted for our DIY and Hold Your Hand service-combination, because it allowed them to have control over the process, flexibility with costs and still feel assured that their paperwork was all in order.

Kate and Brendan described feeling “extremely supported throughout the whole process” and that “the DIY-hand holding combination got [them] the best of both worlds—the paperwork plus the extra help [they] wanted and needed”.

Peter and Sarah were the “best of friends” but after 8 years together, they discovered that they had different plans to the other as to how they wanted their retirement to look like. So, they made the decision to separate.

Having both been married before, with adult children, Peter and Sarah had been down the path of expensive lawyers and conflict previously. They were determined not to go down that path again.

After mature consideration, Peter and Sarah were able to reach a financial separation agreement together. The problem they faced though was finding a way to make that agreement official in order to have peace of mind about their future financial security.

That was when Peter and Sarah discovered us and booked in Life Off! Within less than six weeks from the time that they booked in for Lift Off, Peter and Sarah had their agreement paperwork, prepared, signed, submitted and approved by the Court.

Having opted for our Do It For You service, Peter and Sarah described it as “seamless and easy” and having been “commenced and completed in an exceptional timeframe”.

Jess and Aaron got together in their early 20s. They’d built up a small nest egg together before deciding to separate.

Given that they had no children together, Jess and Aaron decided on an outcome that they felt was fair. It was important to them that they be able to cut all emotional and financial ties, to give them both a clean break and move on with their lives.

Jess and Aaron booked Lift Off! It ended up taking Jess and Aaron less than four weeks from the date of their Lift Off session to prepare, sign and submit their agreement paperwork and have it approved by the Court. Jess describes the experience as, “What you offer makes a daunting process so, so easy and simple. Your service is amazing!”.