There are lawyers out there, just like car sales people, who will tell you what you want to hear. Perhaps you want to hear how much you’re “entitled” to in the division of assets or, that you “could get more” or that you’ll “definitely be able to have your children 50% of the time”. We’d suggest though that what you really want to hear though, might be the following:

  1. What the process options are that are available to you and your partner to assist you to reach an agreement together;
  2. What the law might say is an appropriate division of the assets, specific to your particular circumstances;
  3. The factors that a Judge considers when making a decision about care arrangements for children after separation;
  4. Whether, what you want in terms of an outcome, is realistic; and,
  5. What your next steps should be to progress finalising the separation.

A good lawyer will talk you through the above, regardless of whether you ask.

A good lawyer may discuss the legal framework and the expense, energy, stress and time involved in going to Court. You then hear about the benefits of reaching an agreement with your partner, without resorting to Court intervention.

In hearing the above information, you can have an informed discussion with your partner, whereby you’ll hopefully reach an agreement together if you can.

We specialise in formalising agreements reached by couples after separation. Get in touch with us today to get started.





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