It is probably quite well known that traditional lawyers “make” their money in litigation, meaning to fight out a client’s case before a Court.

This is a deterrent for many of our separating couples to engage a lawyer at all, fearing that the lawyer will cause their relationship with their partner, to go go bad. Whilst there is certainly a place for litigation in family law, we’ve simply made the decision to step away from representing clients at Court and focus on those ‘agreeable’ or amicable separations.

We offer affordable fixed pricing, with a three different tiered service structure, having regarding to your needs, wants and budgets. When we say that we’re “affordable”, we mean it.

Earlier this year, we assisted a separating couple and charged them a fixed price.


The traditional law firm quoted the husband six times what we charged. Six times!

Why are we so affordable? Because we operate online. We’ve made the decision to pass the savings in our overheads as an online firm directly onto you. We operate on low profit, high turnover.

We want to help you quickly, smartly and easily. As quickly as you come in the door, we send you on your way out the door.

Go ahead, compare us to your traditional lawyers and what they will charge you.

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