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Keeping Us All Safe


We’re no Joh Bailey salon seeing 90 clients a week, but we meet with our fair share of individuals and couples face to face.

With the COVID Delta variant being so contagious, it’s not worth the risk of you (or us) exposing yourself or your family to being infected with COVID. Remember, this virus transmits in the small particles you breathe in and out and is transmitted easily from touching surfaces and secreting bodily fluids.

So, with it being ever more critical that we maximise the protection of your and our team’s health and safety, we’ve moved all our meetings from face to face to online.

We use Microsoft Teams, which a secure way for us to communicate and share information. No download is required. When it’s time for your meeting, you click on a link, and a new window will appear, letting you into our waiting room.

If you must come to our office, you must wear a face mask and sanitise in the hallway using our handy sanitiser spray.

Aside from that, within our office, Dettol remains our best friend, as does Glen 20 surface spray, paper towels, Aqium, and our Perspex shield.

Thank you for bearing with us. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you again in person!